Turboforte™ Lung Physio

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Turboforte™ Lung Physio is a handheld drug-free lung expansion & mucus relief device that helps clear congestion from airways and lungs making breathing easier.

What is Turboforte™ Lung Physio?

Turboforte™ Lung Physio is a hand held drug free lung expansion & mucus relief device that helps clear congestion from airways and lungs making breathing easier.

Our patented device operates on Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP), a technology that harnesses vibrations and positive air pressure to loosen mucus and clear and expand lungs. Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) has been effective in clearing airways and expanding lungs for athletes, smokers, or individuals with respiratory conditions such as: Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis, Emphysema and other respiratory conditions.

How does Turboforte™ Lung Physio work?

Our original PATENTED design of the breakthrough Flutter Device can help EVERY LUNG. The precisely weighted stainless steel ball, is optimised in our Class 1 Medical Device to achieve the maximum effect of Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP).

When you exhale through the Turboforte™ Lung physio, your breath moves the steel ball inside causing vibrations in the airways that loosen mucus and cause a slight increase in pressure that assist in keeping your airways open. The movement of the vibrations stimulates the mucus to gradually ascend up the airways until you eventually can cough the mucus up naturally.

Who is Turboforte™ Lung Physio for?

Turboforte™ Lung Physio can be for almost EVERYONE…..

It can be for the chronic lung illness sufferers……….In many chronic lung illnesses there is a build-up of secretions in the airways. These secretions, if left in the airways, can block air passages, make breathing difficult and provided an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply and thrive – a primary cause of progressive, irreversible lung damage. Therefore, airway clearance is critical to overall health care and airway clearance with the Turboforte™ Lung Physio can help break this cycle of lung infection and damage.

It can be for the Athlete wanting more performance……. Every competitive athlete knows the demands for oxygen substantially increases during any form of sustained high intensity exercise. The OPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) technology in Turboforte™ Lung Physio is designed to expand your lung capacity. Stronger lungs can provide better athletic performance.

It can be for the smoker or ex-smoker looking to regain their lung health……Turboforte™ Lung Physio helps expand and strengthen your lungs, which means you can breathe easier and enjoy a better quality of life, all without the side effects of drugs.

And Turboforte™ Lung Physio can be for the ones that just want to keep their lungs in good shape, and counteract the world’s increasing poor air quality & pollution.

Are there Contraindications for using Turboforte™ Lung Physio?

Turboforte™ Lung Physio is not suitable for people with pneumothorax, tuberculosis, right-side heart failure, conditions that involve coughing up blood, recent lung or oesophageal surgery or ruptured ear drum. If you are uncertain you should always consult your doctor. Turboforte™ Lung Physio is not designed to replace prescribed medications or the advice of your health care professional. If you have any medical condition always consult your doctor prior to making changes to your medical treatment plan. 

How long has Turboforte Lung Physio been around?

Turboforte™ Lung Physio has been trusted Therapy since 2009 has been recommended by healthcare professionals and used in hospitals worldwide. It is proudly Australian Owned and is manufactured using strict quality control with medical grade materials.

It is FDA (USA), TGA (Australia) and CE (Europe) APPROVED.

Is Turboforte™ Lung Physio easy to use?

Turboforte is easy to use, only 5-10 minutes, 1 to 2 times per day.  A little practice may be required to achieve your optimum results. Some find results take a few days to see or feel, while others may find it almost immediately.  You just need to keep up usage until correct method and results are attained. 

Is Turboforte™ Lung Physio easy to clean?

The Turboforte™ Lung Physio is designed to be disassembled & reassembled easily for cleaning. It is recommended to wash after each use in warm soapy water, rinse under the tap then dry with a clean cloth. More vigorous cleaning is recommended every 2nd day.

Turboforte™ Lung Physio is an approved class 1 medical device, made from quality medical grade materials and is autoclave and dishwasher safe.

Disclaimer and Contraindications

Turboforte™ Lung Physio is not designed to replace prescribed medications or the advice of your health care professional. If you have any medical condition always consult your doctor prior to making changes to your medical treatment plan. Not suitable for people with pneumothorax, tuberculosis, right-side heart failure, conditions that involve coughing up blood, recent lung or oesophageal surgery or ruptured ear drum. If you are uncertain consult your doctor.

Caution Choking Hazard

Keep out of reach of children and do not allow Turboforte™ Lung Physio to be used unsupervised by children. The Turboforte™ Lung Physio is designed to be pulled apart for cleaning and multiple usage, because of this some of the smaller parts such as the stainless steel ball, protective cover or the circular cone may pose a choking hazard for small children.

Weight 95 g
Dimensions 10 × 4.4 × 5.5 cm


15 reviews for Turboforte™ Lung Physio

  1. Brittney

    I love how easy it is and it has really been helping me breathe better.

  2. Carole Richard

    This is amazing. It’s as if someone is helping you get your lungs all clear. It’s pretty amazing to use. Helps with my asthma and clears up the chest congestion. Strengthens your lung.

  3. Edward Caldwell

    Used this today for the first time. Easy to learn the method. Both times sputum was released from my airway and breathing better. I have COPD and this week, a chest cold. I was unable to clear the mucus until I used the Turboforte.

  4. seabreezefarm

    Recommend by the Dr for my father – works great! My dad has COPD. Has help his breathing and his secretions by 75 percent!

  5. Giarc Mirrored GnuoY

    Wow!!! I love it when you purchase a product and it actually delivers on it’s promise.

    I have had a cough for over 6 months and I could not shake it. A constant tickle in the throat that made me cough.
    Even friends and customers would comment on me always coughing. And once I started being mindful of it, I realised how often I actually did cough and it was concerning…

    So I did some research on the web as you do ! and stumbled across Turbo Forte. I’ll admit I ummm’d and ahhh’d about if for awhile before I decided to purchase it. But now I wish I just purchased it earlier and saved myself the coughing inconvenience.

    It was simple to use… blow and agitate a ball in a consistent flow. Initially I used it approx. 10 times a day for 5 blows as I was conscious of it to start with and if I wanted to cough, I reached for it.

    I will admit the first day I didn’t notice too much except that my breath had no depth in it and it made me have a coughing fit from blowing into the ball bearing. However within 3 days I had noticed I hardly wanted to cough anymore, I still had the occasional tickle but not coughing. I started to gain control of my cough. It also moved a lot of flehm and unwanted mucus off my chest which I didn’t even know I had… The tissue I coughed into told the story 🙂

    Now I keep it with me in the car and at my desk at work and use it regularly as a habit. Prevention is better than cure.
    I couldn’t be happier with the result. It literally paid for itself within days.

    Now I am not normally one to write comments or reviews so it is a testimony in itself that I actually have…I honestly could not recommend Turbo Forte more and honestly believe you should give it a go.

  6. Belinda Scott

    The Turbo Forte has been a Godsend ! I’m an Aussie. The bushfires here have caused such devastation to our beautiful and unique country which is absolutely heartbreaking….but the smoke has wreaked havoc on so many people’s health too, mine included. I was coughing a lot and wheezing and was told by the doctor that the constant smoke inhalation had caused my bronchitis. I took a course of antibiotics but I still had a rattling chest and couldn’t seem to cough up the mucous. Not any more ! I searched online and saw Turbo Forte and read some of the reviews so I ordered. I especially liked the fact there was no need for drugs or additives to be used with the device. Simple mechanics that shifted and released the mucous. I coughed after the first use but instead of coughing up a little bit of phlegm I could not believe how much phlegm and mucous actually came up. After a few days using the device a couple of times a day, I felt SO much better and was sleeping well again as I was’t waking up during the night in coughing fits. Huge fan of this product now…best thing is if I ever get a chest infection or bronchitis again it will be the first thing I reach for. Definitely a x 5 star rating. Excellent product.

  7. T. Norton

    I’ve purchased at least 3 similar devices that have been returned. This one WORKS great. Would recommend to any one with COPD that get mucus plugs and can’t get them up and out. Wish i had bought this one first. It as expensive BUT since it works i would pay more

  8. Jacob McCormack

    I’m a smoker so I was interested in this product to improve breathing. I went back and forth between the TurboForte and the Air Physio, but ultimately chose the TurboForte. Both products are similar in price and function and design and both will work equally as good. What I liked better about the Air Physio was it appeared to come with a cap to cover the mouth piece when not in use and the TurboForte doesn’t have one. Come on TurboForte….include a cap. What I liked better about the TurboForte was it’s simple disassembly process of simply unscrewing the top, where the Air Physio requires a pen or tool of some kind to push down on a plastic tab and than unscrew it. I worried how long it would be till the tab snapped off and the added step of fiddling with the tab, being a hassle over time. Because you are blowing into the device it will collect saliva each time you use it and they recommend frequent cleaning. The TurboForte is just a simple half turn and the unit is apart.

    I was quite skeptical of the concept for $70+, but if you follow their included instructions it really works and is worth the price of admission. It might seem outrageously overpriced to some with its simple construction, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Specialized doctors and engineers had to be used to create many prototypes and the exact specifications to get this certified as a medical device. Setting up production, marketing and distribution all costs money. And there has to be profit at the end of the journey for the creator, otherwise why bother. The important part is it works! I feel it’s a great value for the price paid to improve my breathing. I’m sure the Air Physio works equally as good, but the added hassle of regular disassembly needing a tool, makes the TurboForte the better choice in the long run.

  9. brooke

    I very pleased with this product, I’m a smoker so breathing can be a little difficult I did my full research on this product and when it said it helps with smokers I was sold I’ve been using it for 3 days and I already feel a huge difference, but the biggest differences is I wake up so clear now and I’ve wanted to get that fixed forever ! I’m so happy with this product and I’m so appreciative with amazon they always find a quick solution for any problem you have.

  10. Yadira

    It is expensive. It helped me greatly during my fight with COVID and now my recovery. The device has helped me amzingly with my oxygen levels and is helping me during my recovery. It is keeping my lungs strong! I orderd 2 I recomend it not just for CF patients, but those chronicay affected by COVID day 35 for me. I bought early on and my Dr. Reconded it! Best investment, but would like to see the price go down. Many of us cannot afford 70! And now with my job up in the air..who knows.

  11. Phillip

    Does what it says! Works great! Loosens mucus and my lungs feels stronger, very minimal wheezing since I use this, truly helps clear the airway.

  12. Fran

    Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2020 Verified Purchase. The Turboforte arrived on time and as described. I purchased 2. One for my father 91yrs young and one for me. I get congested in the spring and fall. I prefer not to take medication. I brought the Turboforte over to my father. Showed him how to use it. He easily held it and was able to use it. Within 10 minutes brought up a small amount of mucus. He has chronic congestion. He doesn’t want to take Mucinex anymore. I showed him how to take the Turboforte apart and wash it. He was able to wash it and put it back together after it dried. I am so happy he can easily use it! Well worth the money. A device older adults can use to maintain their health is not easily found.

  13. Shirley Smith

    WOW!! 😄 It works..
    This item has made me breathe easier, easy to use and clean, I’m a smoker and feel so much better after using. I have purchased 2 turbofortes. AWESOME Product.

  14. James

    Bought this to help me with this winter gloom days! I’m a Singer and this tool comes in handy! I need my throat to be clear of all mucus and this here ladies and gentleman gets the Job done! If you’re not quite sure how to use the tool please check out the Youtube channel they have plenty of videos in how to properly use it.

  15. Jane Crenshaw

    The Flutter Value is extremely useful in breaking up congestion!
    It’s easy to use and clean. Excellent instructions on box!
    Greatful to me doctor for telling me about it!

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